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शुक्लाम्बराधाराम  विष्ह्नुम शशि  वर्णम चतुर्भुजम  |
प्रसन्ना  वदनं  ध्यायेत  सर्व  विघ्नोपशान्तये  || 

Set your office and your home as per these vastu tips. It is sure that you will progress.

  • Allow a bright light on the main door.
  • It is best to leave only maximum 5 doors open.
  • Avoid keeping any water feature or plants in the bedroom.
  • Do not use separate mattresses and bed-sheet.
  • Arrange the furniture in a square or a circle or an octagon in.
  • Brighten the corners.
  • Place a picture of bright sunrise on Southern wall in living room.
  • The wind should come from South-West in the bedroom.
  • Dining room should not expose to the front door of your house.
  • Never put mirror in kitchen.
  • Keep the broom and mops out of the sight in kitchen.
  • Keep the bathroom and toilet door closed as much as possible.
  • Windows should open outward normally.
  • Do not keep prickly cactus, plants in the house.
  • Place a happy family picture in living room.
  • Please check there aren't grown very high trees like Banyan, Pipal, Thorny trees etc.
  • Please check the gate of the lift is not in front of the main gate of the house.
  • There should not be obstructive houses surrounding your plot.
  • The house should be fully airy and has enough water resource.
  • The seat in the latrine should be North or South.
  • In the office, sit facing the door.
  • Hang a picture of mountains behind you in the office.
  • Place the computer on your right side on the table.
  • A ladder to go up stair curved on the right side should be divided into two parts.
  • One should never hoard stale food, withered flowers, torn clothes, waste paper, waste materials, empty tins, old jars and useless things. These things prevents Lakshmi from entering the house.
  • If there is marble flooring in your house then the old leather shoes should not lying here and there.
  • The place of seat arrangement for managers, executives, and directors must be located in South, West and South-Western direction of the office premises.
  • Placing bore-well or fixing tank in the direction of South is not really recommended. This will affect the owner with less and insufficient cash flow.
  • The right location to cook food is by setting it on the direction of East.
  • The right place to set your kitchen is in the South-East corner. If you never find an appartment position, then you can avail the alternative of locating it in the North-West corner.
  • Avoid keeping T.V. set in bedroom.
  • Avoid keeping any water feature or plants in the bedroom.
  • Never put mirror in kitchen.
  • There should not be any room which has shape.
  • Take care that there is enough light and air. Latrine should not be near worship room.
  • Blocking of the Northeast restricts the inflow of God blessings. It leads to tension, quarrel and insufficient growth of the inhabitants; especially children of the owner.
  • There should be no clutter in worship area. Clutter has the effect of disrupting the smooth flow of chi through the house, which consequently causes problems. Many people are inclined to hoard things, just in case they need them again in future. Clutter can reveal itself in many different forms. Like, If you deposit your clothes all over the floor when you go to bed at night. You are effectively cluttering up the room for the next eight hours. Clothes restrict you and hold you back.
  • While sleeping head should be in South or West but never in North.
  • Stairs should always be in clock-wise direction.
  • Keep cleanliness and always light incenses sticks.
  • If you are looking for a new relationship, you need to particularly give attention to clutter in your home.
  • Total number of doors and windows should be in even number for each floor, but should not end in zero like 10, 20 and 30.
  • Use marble in the worship room.
  • It should be constructed leaving North-East or South-West direction.
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