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ॐ कुबेरः त्वम् धनाधीशः गृहे ते कमला स्थिता ।
माम् देवीम् प्रेषयासु त्वम् मद् गृहे ते नमो नमः ॐ ||

What is Vastu?

Vastu is ancient Vedic science, related with architecture for building construction, design and interior. It takes care of the health and happiness of the individual. This is an allied subject and remedial part of Vedic Astrology.The principles of Indian Vastu Shastra apply in the selection of plots and construction of houses, flats, apartments, offices, shops, factories, industries, restaurants, and temples.Vastu Shastra is a science of directions and is a study that acquires an entire command over the cognition of directions. In fact, there are actually eight directions namely, northeast, north, southeast, east, southwest, south, northwest, and west. Vastu is based on the five elements theory, these five basic elements are, Earth (Bhumi), Water(Jal), Air(Vayu), Fire(Agni) and the Space(Akasha).

Earth (Bhumi)Earth

Earth, the third planet in order from the sun, is a big magnet with North and South poles as centers of attractions.Its magnetic field and gravitational force has telling effects on everything on the Earth, living and non-living.It also establishes availability of local construction materials and their workability.

Water (Jal)Water

The type, form and pattern of life also greatly depend on relationship of earth and water. If we see our history, all the cultures had developed on the bank of any water bodies. So this shows the influence of the water on our life, since ages.

Air (Vaayu)Air

life-supporting element, air is very powerful life source. Pure air with oxygen is good for brain and blood. Atmosphere of earth which is about 400 kms. In depth, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon-di-oxide, Helium, other gases, dust particles, humidity and vapour in certain proportions. In this aspect, air deals with the entire body surface through skin, blood system - through respiration. Air also represents the movement.

Fire (Agni)Fire

It represents light and heat without which the life will extinct. All the days and nights, seasons, energy, enthusiasm, passion, vigour is because of light and heat only. Sun is a source of mental energy too. Best minds evolve in a natural process where the sun was temperate. Sun has played an important role in development of visual qualities of architecture in terms of textures, colors and above all the expressions of vitality.

Space (Sky)Space

All the above elements are skillfully engineers towards the creation of physically comfortable, emotionally pleasant, intellectually determinant, totally vibrant and blissfully satisfying spaces for human shelter and habitat. It's effective forces are light, heat, gravitational force and waves, magnetic field and others. Vastushastra works on the basic theme of of Matter and Energy and describes the complete matrics of architecture, geometry of objets, orientation with respect to directions, measurements, proportions with view to the place and the occupant.


Pyramid Geometry, attracts all available Energy Particles from its surrounding. Dome Geometry, stores the Energy Force Field. All religious buildings are built with Pyramid and Dome synthesis. When you enter any religious building, at once you are overwhelmed, by the unique, soothing environment.Pyramid has been found to exist in over 40 places around the globe including in the Himalayas. About 6,000 years ago, Egyptians were the first to use Pyramids for preserving dead body cells. Mayans used it for religious ceremonies.Before the Creational-Process began, there was only One Kinetic Energy - of The Supreme Creator (Universal Soul) - His pattern was Uni-Polar - Love being His attribute (Inward Attraction) - Gravity is a reflection of this Uni-Polar energy pattern and each Energy System has it.

People around the world were quite irrationally led by the scientific, rational, powerful, and influential opinion leaders, to opt for only that which the Modern Scientists have verified and tested in their laboratories with their new and modern (always state of the art???) instruments.That some invisible Energy Field present within the Pyramid Space is preventing the decay of the dead body cells - by keeping the dead cells in perfect harmony. His path-breaking research revealed that all life forms and all matter, when placed within the Pyramid Space of a scale model, improved in performance, behavior, and appearance. e.g.

  1. - Flowers grew better and faster within Pyramid Space as compared to out-side.
  2. - Fruit and Food products had longer shelf life within Pyramid Space.
  3. - Foods (coffee, fruit, etc) improved in taste and flavor when stored within Pyramid Space.

Pyramid can be used by:-

Keeping them underground, Simply placing them on the bed side table, Hanging two dimensional Pyramid Geometric Energy Patterns on any wall of your home or office or factory, Placing under the bed or inside your cupboard, Placing Pre-Energized 2 dimensional cards (like visiting cards) inside the shirt pocket or wallet or purse, Drinking water energized within Pre-Energized Copper Glass, Sticking Pre-Energized stickers on the TV, AC, Cars.

Feng ShuiFengshui
  1. Ch'i is the universal life force that is found in all living things. It is created by anything beautiful in nature, such as meandering stream, and in anything that is done perfectly.
  2. SHARS There is both positive and negative ch's. Negative ch'i casually known as shar. Ch'i is created by straight lives or angles that are pointed directly at one's home. They are particularly bad if they are aimed at the front door. If any shar is however present, there is a remedy for this; a fence, hedge as trees should be used to conceal the straight read heading towards your property.


  1. If the marriage sector of your home is gloomy and badly lit, any relationships are likely to be sluggish and apathetic. One can increase the amount of light by opening blinds and curtains during the day. At night, keep this part of the house well lit, until you are ready for bed.
  2. Crystals are effective way of attracting light into any area that you wish to activate. Thus marriage sector should always have attractive crystals for increasing the power of this sector.
  3. Place something in this part of the house that relates to your personal element, or the one things which you think symbolises love to you. Like place the heart shaped glass wall hanging which was presented to you by your first love.

If there is any problem in this Sector you feel depressed regarding all such matters, it is advised to use the following Feng Shui cures : - - -

  • BRIGHT OBJECTS :Mirrors, lights and crystals, especially lead glass crystals are examples.
  • LIVING OBJCTS : Plants, flowers, ponds are quariums are good examples. Artificial replicas also serue the same purpose. Consiquently, artificial flowes, a ceramic animal, or a painting that depicts live animals and plants would act as an effective remedy.
  • SOUNDS : Wind Chimes and bells that make pleasing sounds in the breeze are good examples.
  • MOVING OBJECTS : Mobiles, fountains, and fans are examples of objects in this category.
  • HEAVY OBJECTS : Boulders, large stones and statues are the examples.
  • HOLLOW OBJECTS : Flutes and wind chimes are good examples. (are should be taken than the wind chimes should always be hollow to allow the ch'i to rise inside them.


Person represented by this number is creative, inventive, strong individuals, definite in his/her views, and in consequence more or less obstinate and determined in all the projects the individual undertakes. They are bold and like restraint in life. They always rise in whatever their profession or occupation may be. They have a desire to be at the top of each and every venture.

LUCKY COLOURS: Gold, Yellows and bronze to golden brown.



The number 2 stands in symbolism for the MOON. It has a few attributes of the number 1. Such persons are gentle by nature, imaginatve, artistic and romantic. They are inventive by nature but are not very forceful in carrying out their ideas. Their qualities are more on the mental plane than the physical plane and they are seldom as strong physically as those born under number 1.

LUCKY COLOURS: Cream and White. All dark colours should be avoided.

LUCKY STONE: Pearls White and Red. Round shaped pearls are the best while flat pearls should always be avoided.


The number 3 Stands for the planet JUPITER. Number 3 people are decidedly ambitious, they are never satisfied by being in subordinate positions, their aim is to rise in the world, to have central place and authority over others.

LUCKY COLOURS: Yellow colour is the best.

LUCKY STONE: Yellow Sapphire.


The number 4 stands in symbolism for planet URANUS. Number 4 people have a distinct character of their own. They appears to view everything from an opposite side angle to everyone else. In an argument they will always take the opposite side, and although not meaning to quarrelsome, yet they bring about opposition and make a great number of secret enemies who constantly work against them. They often rebel against constituitional authority and set up rules and regulations either in the domestic or public life. They do not make true friends easily.

LUCKY COLOURS: Half Shades, Half Tones, Electric colours, Electric blue and gray.

LUCKY STONE: Ruby and Pearl.


The Number 5 stands in symbolism for the planet MERCURY and is versatile and mercurial in all its characterstics. Number 5 people make friends easily and get on with persons born under almost any other numbers, but their best friends are people representing their own number. The number 5 people are mentally very highly strong. They live on their own and appear to crave for excitement. They are quick in thoughts and decisions, and impulsive and seem naturally to drift into all methods of making quick money.

LUCKY COLOURS: All shades of light green, white and glistening materials and should wear dark clothes as rarely as possible.

LUCKY STONE: Emerald and Diamond.


The Number 6 stands in symbolism for planet VENUS. Persons having Number 6 as their number are extremely magnetic, they attract others to them, and are loved and often worshipped by those under them. They are very determined in carrying out their plans, and may infact be deemed obstimate and unyielding, except when they themselves become deeply attached, in such a case they become slaves to those they love. They lean to be romantic and ideal in all matters of the affections. They love beautiful things, make most artistic homes, and fond of rich colours, also paintings and music. They cannot stand in discard and jealousy.

LUCKY COLOURS: All shades of yellow, from the light to the darkest.



The Number 7 stands in symbolism for the planet NEPTUNE. People representing number 7 are very independent, original and have strongly marked individuality. At heart they love change and travel, being restless in their nature. They devour books on travel and have a wide universal knowledge of the world at large. They often make good writers, painters or poets, but in everything they do, they sooner or later, show a peculiar philosphical outlook on life that reflects in all their work.

LUCKY COLOURS: White and Yellow also all pale shades. Avoid wearing dark colours.

LUCKY STONE: Pearl and Cat's eye.


The Number 8 stands is symbolism for the planet SATURN. These people are invariably much misunderstood in their lives and perhaps for this reason they feel intensely lonely at heart. They have deep and intense natures, great strength of individuality, they generally play some important role in life's stage, but usually one which is fatalistic, or in the instrument of fate for others.

LUCKY COLOURS: Black and Dark Green

LUCKY STONE: Yellow Sapphire.


The number 9 stands in symbolism for the planet MARS. They are fighters in all attempts in life. They usually have diificult times in their early years, but generally they are, in the end, successful by their strong will and determination. In character, they are hasty in temper, impulsive independent, and desire to be their own masters. They like to be called as the head of the family and dislike subordination. Their greatest danger arise from fool hardiness and impulsiveness in word and action. They are peculiary prone to accidents from fire/explosions and rarely get through life without injury from such causes.

LUCKY COLOURS: Crimson or Red, also all rose tones and pink.



Vastu dosh nivaran yantra is a very useful and beneficial Yantra in order to balance defects on the energetic and karmic plane.. It combats all the bad influences & ill-effects of Vastu faults existing in one's home or office. Mostly, there are certain inherent faults about direction, location, situation of a building, situation of rooms etc, which may not be easily curable or rectifiable. The Vastu Yantra not only helps to cure all inherent Vastu faults and remove their ill-effects, but also generates the positive & benefic effects of Vastu. This Yantra should be either be buried under the ground before or after construction, with due rituals, or installed at the 'Puja' room, and worshipped.

It is said that the 'Deities' reside in the Yantras and by performing 'Puja' or worship of Yantras, one can appease them, remove the malefic effects of planets, and increase the flow of positive influences. Procedures to be followed by you to place this energized Yantra.

  1. First purify your body and start with a clear and positive mind frame.
  2. Find a place on the floor facing east, where you will be undisturbed.
  3. Light the incense or diya. (It does not matter how many you light).
  4. Lay a fresh flower and a fresh fruit on the altar.
  5. Open the Yantra and place it along with the image of the deity of yantra and your isht God.
  6. Take the water with any leaf from any tree and sprinkle the water on yourself followed by sprinkling the water on the Yantra.

Vastu yantra are of different types which are installed in a place for specific purpose and to discard malefic effects. Some popular Vastu Yantra is:

Vastu dosh nivaran Yantra

Shri Vastu dosh nivaran yantra is meant to pacify malignant effects or dosh of house that may arise due to various reasons including Vastu defects- wrong location of house etc. This yantra help in rectifying all complications surge due to ill-effects and render positive surroundings. A house can benefit in every way with this scared Vastu yantra which has to be placed at holy and clean like pooja room or is buried under the earth during foundation.

Durga bisa Yantra

Durga bisa yantra is effective Yantra that has its own magnanimity and charm, usually taken as pious object for worship. This yantra is meant for good fate, health, wealth and protection embossed exclusively on copper plate. Durga bias yantra is installed mainly in offices or shops to activate wealth and generate more money. It has to be incorporated with all pure heart & soul and sacred ritual in specific direction prescribe.

Ganesha Yantra

Ganesha is the god of wealth, prosperity and success while ganesha yantra is an auspicious yantra for every home or shop. Ganesha yantra activate the ambience and remove hurdles in work and money flow. Therefore installing ganesha yantra during undertaking any project or venturing into new project helps making it a success because Lord Ganesha represents power who removes obstacles ensuring success. The ganesha yantra is embossed on copper and must be installed with due rituals to procure good results.

Lakshmi narayan Yantra

Lakshmi narayan is the supreme Lord of Lords which imparts its devotees with good health, wealth, maintenance and valour. The yantra is a symbol of eternal bliss and presence of omniscient that bestows all-round success and prosperity by removing or rectifying Vastu dosh and evil influences.

Vishnu Yantra

Lord Vishnu is the eternal omnipresent and omniscient power pervading in universe and revered as lord of lords in Hinduism. Vishnu yantra can be installed in any place for the accomplishment of task, attain mercy in the form of success and achievements.

Energy PlateEnergy Plate

How can vastu energy plates solve one's problems and render a peaceful life? Let's take a detailed look on what all aspects these plates can benefit the individuals.

Vastu is basically a science of structures that deals with the results of several directional powers on a building when it is constructed and completed. In fact they talk a lot more about directional forces and the four corner directions are northeast, northwest, southeast, and southwest. It can be said, man always depended on unknown for help, as he is knows that the unknown significantly play a good role in bestowing him wealth, health, happiness, and prosperity. In relation to this, he has found out many devices that would fetch him blessings from the super power. Moreover, there are yagnas, symbols, homas, mantras, yantras, and talismans, which have been used through ages in different cultures and countries to feel one's wish. Likewise came the vastu energy plates for the flooring in buildings.

Before the flooring is laid, these plates are to be used and is about 8 x 8 inches with 10 mm thickness. Also, it comprises a pair of plastic plates amongst which an energy pad is shaped and is covered with aluminum coil all around. Once the base is ready for laying granite or tile flooring, one plate has to be laid in each room's corner. Hence, four plates are needed and only living and bed rooms are to be considered. However, it is not required in toilet rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. After placing the plates, cement layer can be covered before laying a floor tile or slab. Thus, the rooms with those plates get wrapped with a pyramid field and all the benefits of such energy are installed.

Is there an energy plate for health & harmony? Of course, 'Yes'! For several years the Swastika Symbol had been a course of study by the scientists. As per an estimate, it releases millions of Bovis units of energy while comparing to human with just 6500 Bovis. Mostly, the symbol can be seen in front of temples and houses. This symbol reflects a candle that is not lit and it has to be 'ignited' to make it uncover the energy. Also, it symbolizes to bring happiness and good luck. It can be placed exactly opposite to the main door on the walls or may hang it close to northeast corner where it is easily visible.

Where can an energy plate be fixed for martial bliss or getting children? This plate can hanged in the bed room towards one's feet and this plate particularly suits for the couples seeing into martial happiness and kids. The symbol is a power symbol of large creation and it depicts the female's egg and the male's sperm. There are energy plates for growth and wealth separately. Both of them are most suited in business places and the former symbolizes letter 'T' and signifies growth, construction, bright career, and advancement. Again, both are made powerful by red color and can be hung on the walls of the office at a height of 7 feet.

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